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Product Introduction
Tour Guide System(TG) 008A
Tour Guide System(TG) 008A Tour Guide System(TG) 008A Tour Guide System(TG) 008A
  • --008A Wireless Tour Guide System
  • TuMan 8 series device,apply to: wireless team interpretation,simultaneous interpretation,etc.; Mainly used for manned interpreatation: can manual use,also can play pre-recorded audio,that need human to control. We have many models for your choice!
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    TuMan 008A tour guide system is detrusion by HUMANTEK CO.,LTD,The system adopts the international advanced wireless amplification technology,to realize the function of intelligent voice explain.The system related equipment light fashionable appearance,convenient to carry.
    Can be for the government officials and VIP customer visits,conferences. more suitable for large companies,museums,theme parks,scenic spots and historical sites,such as a tour by boat tour guide use;
    The dvice contains Transmitter and Receiver;

    TuMan 008A product feature:

    1.Many channels:dual channel 158 channels;

    2.Far transmission distance:open field >= 200m;

    3.The through wall effect is good:through concrete wall, brick wall penetration effect;

    4.The transmission effect to international level,
    the leading domestic:Using core technology sound processing, perennial export Europe and the United States and other countries!

    Appearance can specify the color, printing logo;
    or redesign shell.(Larger quantities)
     How to use|

    Using graphic:


    Microphone(MIC01)|Unilateral Headphone(EP01)

    Charger 1 for 10(Model:CG01)

    Microphone(MIC02) |
    Unilateral Headphone(EP02) | Headphone(EP03)


    Working frequency:
    863-865MHz,902-915MHz,2.4GHz etc.,
    Broadband, the sound quality is better;
    Channel quantity:
    158(high frequency 100+Low frequency 58),
    80,64,50 etc.,Different frequency different channel quantities;
    Channel spacing:
    120KHz,200KHz,350KHz etc;
    Transmitter power:
    10dBm,20dBm,30dBm etc;
    Receiving sensitivity:
    Working voltage:
    3.0-5.0VDC,recycle polymer lithium battery;
    Input(Transmitter):3.5mm microphone;
    Output(receiver):3.5mm headphone
    Second harmonic trap:
    Frequency response:
    Signal to Noise Ratio:
    Image reject:
    Mirror harmonic:
    Separation factor:
    Frequency offset:
    Distortion factor:
    Oscillation frequency:
    Working current:
    Working distance:
    Working temperature:
    50g(battery included);

    Collection box(model:8Box01)

    Charging box 1 for 30(model:8BoxC01)

    Charging box 1 for 30(model:8BoxC02)
     Where to use|


    * Business or Civic Meetings
    * Education - Training
    * Employee Training
    * Entertainment or Performing Arts, Enhanced personalized audio
    * Athletic Stadiums or Arenas
    * Auditoriums
    * Government
    * Hospitality or Tourism
    * Houses of Worship – Mosque, Church, Cathedral, Synagogue
    * Manufacturing – Factory Tour
    * International Conventions - Interpretation
    * Law Enforcement – Court of Law
    * Medical or Dental Facilities
    * Tour Groups

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