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Product Introduction
Android 3-proof A-Guide A9
Android 3-proof A-Guide A9 Android 3-proof A-Guide A9 Android 3-proof A-Guide A9
  • --A9 Android intelligent 3-proof Audio Guide
  • TuMan A9 Android intelligent guide machine,apply to:personal self-help tour、individual Tours;Main usage:Preset QR code or number label at the?exhibits need to explain. visitors use intelligent terminal,start the qr code scans or input number,can play pre-recorded text,images,audio and video and other multimedia information!
  •  What's this|
        All Rights.
    TuMan A9,Visitors use A9 smartphone, open scenic spot is special interpretation of the App, can provide voice interpretation service for the visitors!(to support the sound, video, LRC and image format ect!)
    A9 USES a combination of qr code and number input, open the qr code to qr code label (with logo) obviously, can check exhibit or booth details, with pictures, text, multilingual voice or video broadcast to visitors, also can enter the Numbers or search to achieve these functions.(can be customized development dialogue and acoustic!
    TuMan A9 Advantages:

    1.Use waterproof, prevent fall and dustproof 3-proof design,through the IP-68 test Certification design,Sufficient surplus hardware configuration design, smooth operation,Fast speed!

    2.Guide App is the most simplified design, easy to scan or input number;

    3.To liberate the interpretation human resources;

    4.Contents can be stored with the Internet,mobile Internet or Wifi access,Or contents stored in the machine,can quickly smooth play,without buffer;

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    we can make new exterior color,silk printing logo or separately to open mould and so on!If you have large order.
     How to use|

    Using graphic:

    Multi-language selection:

    Schematic diagram:

    The main interface

    Search and toilet etc. Quick guide:


    Android 4.2
    MTK6589 Quad-Core Processer1.2GHz
    4.3 inch,960x540 pixel
    4GB Rom + 512M Ram;
    QR code Camera:
    Front - 300000 pixels, the rear 5 million pixels, The rear support 4 x digital zoom;
    Protection design.:
    Waterproof, prevent fall and dustproof
    QR Code:
    Qr code can be fault tolerance rate to 30%, the highest level, The most easy to be scanned;
    Audio playback:
    The commentary on voice broadcast.Adopt high quality MP3 Or ogg technology, voice quality is greatly increased;
    Video playback:
    Can play video, such as MPEG4, AVI, FLV,RM/RMVB, etc.;
    Can use a variety of language interpretation, convenient visitors at home and abroad,Scan the qr code above on the right side, you can experience!A recorded can be long-term use of information, also can update and modify the original information;
    Content section Quantities:
    Local or Server
    Multi-language selection:

     Where to use|


    * The museum
    * Convention and exhibition center
    * Universities and education organizations
    * Entertainment or Performing Arts, Enhanced personalized audio
    * Athletic Stadiums or Arenas
    * Art, the gallery
    * Government
    * Hospitality or Tourism
    * Houses of Worship – Mosque, Church, Cathedral, Synagogue
    * Manufacturing – Factory Tour
    * Research center
    * The press conference
    * Scenic areas and historical sites
    * Tour Groups
    * Urban planning and public buildings

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